KISC Keep It Simple Circle MLM Training by Peter Mingils


Peter Mingils offers Direct Sales and MLM training as part of his product line.

PM Marketing – NetworkLeads has been helping the Network Marketing Industry with sales training and motivation through live webinars, hundreds of archived calls, educational movies and live Radio shows.

This KISC movie is simple and effective in helping people stay on track.

Some of the challenges most people face today are the distractions of time and mind. The Internet is a wonderful thing. And some times too many options lead to confusion. Many have heard of The KISS principle, but for some reason, even though most people know it, they don’t apply it.

The Keep it Simple Circle works.

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Peter Mingils and NetworkLeads Integrated Marketing is now another place for you to get your MLM News.

If you are not familiar, the .news domain name is now available.
Peter Mingils understands the MLM Industry needs a source for MLM and Network Marketing News… for current events as well as a bit of fun, education and inspiration.

Peter Mingils also hosts Building Fortunes Radio.

You will find interesting posts from Dr. Michael Greger from Nutrition Facts , Jim Turner of Citizens For Health, and even entertainer John Oliver.

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Youmongus Ad Network for MLM Leads by Peter Mingils

You can generate more MLM Leads and Network Marketing Leads with the Youmongus Ad Network.

The Youmongus Ad Network is a collection of dozens of independent websites that post ads and drive traffic.

As far as the search engines are concerned, each Youmongus ad also creates its own web page.
This enhances your search engine results.

The Youmongus Ad Network is promoted in several ways.
Through our email broadcasting, mentions on newsletters, autoresponders, Building Fortunes Radio shows, and when people search the internet using key words.

You can buy an ad on any one of the sites seperately and directly for $10 per month.

This page is for NetworkLeads customers to order 25 ads for $50/month.

You will have access to our Youmongus Ad Network log in
by a special username and password.

There will be 5 links to place and edit your ads.
Each link will post to 5 total Youmongus Ad Websites for a total of 25.

You will be able to place separate ads and edit them immediately
on your own. You can have 4 pictures uploaded and include You Tube movies.

There are no restrictions on the number of links you can include on your ads.  And the content for your MLM Leads generation is really up to you.

Training is available through our webinars and the training movies on the site.

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MLM Leads Classified Ads for NetworkLeads Customers

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