New Year announcements on PM Marketing websites for for Network Marketing and other Home Based Businesses

It’s a New Year and this is the time to let the world know about your company’s charitable efforts.

MLM Charity ( ) is a place to have your Network Marketing Company recognized for their fund raising efforts to help all types of charities.

You can call Peter Mingils directly to get your MLM company listed, and you can listen to the radio shows we have on Building Fortunes Radio

You can listen directly here:

and visit the entire site on Blog Talk Radio:

Peter Mingils - Network Leads

Welcome to the Network Leads blog. My name is Peter Mingils, I am the owner/CEO of PM Marketing I've been the Multi-Level Marketing / Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Home Based Business Industry, for over 17 years. I love sharing my knowledge of this industry with others, and helping them to grow their home based business, and in reaching their goals by providing high quality leads and proper training and prospecting.

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