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Peter Mingils started the domain name in late July 2015.  This website now supports Building Fortunes Radio and Youmongus Ads in spreading the news about the MLM Industry.

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On a recent series of Radio shows on Building Fortunes Radio, you can hear Ollie Cantos.  Olllie Cantos’ story is incredible and is showcased on and

Jim Turner is also a special guest from Citizens For Health at  Jim speaks about many things including Food Identity Theft, Vaccinations, GMO, High Fructose Corn Syrup and other things you want to know about.  Check out the Citizens for Health Radio show on Building Fortunes Radio.


Peter Mingils

Peter Mingils is an expert in the MLM Lead Generation and MLM Training and has been helping people build successful home businesses for nearly 20 years. Join our newsletter and follow us on social networks to get Free tips, savings, and inside knowledge on the MLM and Network Marketing industry.

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